06-Jul-2014 : Barbecued Bunny

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Back to Kim and Jeremy’s in Melinbyrhedyn but with the Weihrauch HW100S this time. Unfortunately time was limited, the weather was wet and the arch-rat was too cunning: although it was taking the ground bait all weekend – a mixture of olive oil, peanut butter and chocolate – I never even managed to get my sights on it.

However I did manage to take a rabbit which was sitting thirty-seven metres down the track looking at me inquisitively. A tiny squeak from me and the Weihrauch delivered a 9.26 grain H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme exactly where my new Hawke Sport-HD 3-9×50 AO IR telescopic sight said it would. A nice-sized doe, she went on the evening’s barbecue with a marinade of olive oil and paprika.