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Software-Defined Radio

SDR is a ‘software-defined radio’.  This one at the University of Twente covers shortwave transmissions 3-30MHz, and has a number of controls which a normal receiver would have like volume, filter width, squelch, noise reduction, etc, and also a visual display of the signals you’re receiving.  You can scan up and down the frequencies to your heart’s content using the mouse wheel, and log your discoveries and/or record them as audio files.  (I think you have to register for these… I may have to do that!).  Click to give it a try.

Wikipedia articles on space & time

Space elevators – a quick way of getting into space with minimal power outlay?

Dyson spheres – megastructures in space – a possible solution to overcrowding Earth?

The Oort cloud – what’s lying on the edges of our Solar System?

The Arrow of Time– a one-way street?


Tau Day – Pi Is Wrong!

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