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I absolutely love YouTube, a priceless resource of material of every description. I often go there looking for something specific and then spend inordinate amounts of time following links around and discovering stuff I never imagined existed. Maybe you’ll click one of these links and do the same!

This section is currently under construction. Please bear with me whilst I organise my favourite video clip links for publication.


“Va Pensiero sull’Ali Dorate” – The Slaves’ Chorus from “Il Nabucco” (Verdi) – some pieces of music just send a shiver up my spine.

“Caro nome” – Gilda’s aria from “Rigoletto” (Verdi) – my favourite version of this aria by the marvellous Andrea Rost.

“Queen of the Night” – aria from “The Magic Flute” (Mozart) – impressive performance from a fifteen-year old.

“Queen of the Night” – Anna Maria Alberghetti makes this tricky piece seem easy!

“Largo al Factotum” – Figaro’s aria from “The Barber of Seville” (Rossini) – Hermann Prey giving a definitive performance of the best-known aria from this opera.

“Lego al Factotum” – Figaro’s aria – the same piece performed entirely by Lego figures!


Tap – Fred Astaire & Rita HayworthFred Astaire & Ginger RogersJoan Crawford – the Nicholas Brothers – and the Nicholas Brothers – and the Nicholas Brothers with Dorothy Dandridge.

Hellzapoppin’ – the Lindy Hop – frenetic dance sequence from the 1941 film (see Wikipedia article and IMDB entry for more info).

WIlson, Keppel & Betty – Sand dance (1933) – classic music-hall.


Tim Conway’s “Elephant Story” – Tim Conway goes off-script with an increasingly bizarre story in order to to sabotage a sketch. Originally aired in November 1977.


Madonna – Don’t Tell Me – I’m not a big fan of Madonna but I really do like this video.

Abba – The Day Before You Came (Official Video) – I’m not a big fan of Abba either, but the last song they recorded was marvellous.  Read the full story behind it here.

Not Pop

Two performances by Grace Slick from Woodstock, 1969: Somebody to Love and White Rabbit. There’s a recording of the White Rabbit vocals with no instrumentation here and the story behind the song here.

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (CBGB’s, New York, 1975) an early acoustic version.

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (Dortmund, 20/12/1980) – another excuse to look at Tina Weymouth.

More Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (Rome, 1980) and Once in a Lifetime (Los Angeles, 1983).

A couple of tracks by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Psycho Killer and Teenage Dirtbag.  ‘Must watch’, even if you don’t particularly like ukuleles.

The Goops – CBGB’s, New York City (31/05/1995) – Eleanor Whitledge in great form.

The Goops – Upstairs At Nick’s, Philadelphia (Aug 1995) – more Eleanor.

Wendy ‘O’ Williams – Live at Camden Palace (1985)

NOFX – CBGB’s, New York City (20/11/1994)

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell – I do like this song… okay the dancers are cute but the track is very good.  This is a link to the ‘official’ video on YouTube.  There’s also an unrated version on MTV – warning: mild nudity). Read about the subsequent controversy here.


Celtica – live at Montelago (2017) – heavy metal with a Celtic twist (official Web site and YouTube channel).

Shipping Up To Boston/Enter Sandman – bagipipe music from Archy Jay (The Snake Charmer), Jane Espie (The Phantom Piper) and Chelsea Joy (The Dame of Drones).


Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant Massacree – from the Album “Alice’s Restaurant” (1967).  Complete version with subtitles so you can sing along.  I’ve sung this so many times I don’t need them!

Joan Baez – Forever Young – definitely on the playlist for my funeral.

C’e La Luna Mezzo Mare

One of my favourite Italian folk songs.

Giorgio Ventura – not the best version ever but has subtitles for non-Italian speakers.

Unknown singer – sung by a woman, as it should be.

Louis Prima & Keely Smith – Prima doing what Prima does best whilst Keely Smith just stands around looking gorgeous.

Louis Prima & Keely Smith

Don’t Worry ’bout Me / I’m in the Mood for Love

That Old Black Magic

Just a Gigolo – it’s a pity some idiot cut the sax & trombone solos!

When You’re Smiling / C’e La Luna Mezzo Mare / Oh Marie

I’m In The Mood For Love

All Night Long – Louis takes back stage for a change!

The Catholic Mass

Kyrie EleisonGloriaCredo

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