Weird Stuff

This section is currently under construction. Please bear with me whilst I organise my favourite ‘weird stuff’ links for publication.

Unusual articles in Wikipedia

There’s a page in Wikipedia entitled Wikipedia:Unusual articles which contains a list of over two thousand links to articles that ‘Wikipedians have identified as being somewhat unusual’.  If you ever find yourself with a couple of hours to spare…

Numbers stations

Shortwave radio stations broadcasting lists of formatted numbers believed to be encrypted messages directed at intelligence officers operating in foreign countries, mainly during the Cold War, although there are still some active today (Wikipedia article).  Visit the Conet Project to hear some historical recordings and see if you can to decipher them!  I quite like The Swedish Rhapsody and The Lincolnshire Poacher.  Or use the software-defined radio (SDR) provided free of charge by the University of Twente to find some of your own. (A little more info about SDR on my Science & Nature Links page.)


Mike the Headless Chicken

The chicken who lived for eighteen months after his head was cut off. Read the Wikipedia article or watch this YouTube video for the full story. I’m sure I’ve seen a movie clip of Mike in action but I was unable to find it to include in this piece. If you do manage to track one down, please let me know!

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