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I’m not a professional Web designer – you’ve probably come to that conclusion already! – but I’ve tinkered with WordPress and can write a bit of HTML, and I’ve done a bit of programming in Javascript and PHP.  (CSS remains a mystery to me.)  However if you want to talk about Web design within the limits of my knowledge and experience, I don’t charge, so please feel free to email me and I’ll definitely get back to you – even if it’s just to say “No, sorry!”

This section is currently under construction. Please bear with me whilst I organise my favourite Web design links for publication.

Web design and hosting, and other info about this site

According to one source (live counter) there are around 1.8 billion sites on the Web, some 200 million of which are actually active. uses a powerful and flexible content management package called WordPress which drives approximately 35% of sites world-side (source).

WordPress allows you to apply ‘themes’ which alter the way your content is displayed: this site uses one called Neve. There are over 30,000 themes to choose from – some free, some not – which give you an endless choice over how you want your site to look.

Web hosting is from FarByte who provide some of the most competitively-priced packages I’ve found, domain name registration services, email forwarding and a 24x7x365 support desk which was very helpful when I was having problems with DNS.  

My previous domain name registrar – when I had a small amount of free Web space bundled in with my Internet service – was Freeparking, who were also very good.  If you have the benefit of free Web space, you need only register your domain, but if you’re having to pay for Web hosting, check hosting services first as they usually include domain name registration for a small cost.

It’s useful to know how much attention your Web site is getting and which pages are being visited the most.  I use StatCounter which provides a ‘hit counter’ and allows you to view where your hits are from – geographically, with map, as well as which other site they came from – which pages they’re looking at, etc. There’s a monthly report emailed to you – a separate one for each site you operate, if more than one – and is simple to use and completely free.

Visitor tracking is courtesy of ClustrMaps and is also free of charge.

If you discover any broken links on this page, please fill out this contact form or email me and I’ll fix them as quickly as I can.