Web Design

  • 08-Dec-2020 : Web site revamp – Bruce seems happy!
    I manage a Web site for a friend’s genealogical research and publications. About a year ago I noticed that I was no longer able to access any of the vast array of customisation options which attracted me to the Atahualpa theme…
  • 18-Oct-2020 : Sites for sore eyes
    Ten of the most badly-designed Web sites I could find. Let me know if you have any more I can add to the list!
  • 05-Oct-2020 : Open link in new tab?
    … or, “How I came to cure myself of a very bad habit”.
  • 15-Sep-2020 : Blockquote CSS with Neve theme
    I really wasn’t happy with the default blockquote style in Neve, so I set about modifying it …
  • 01-Sep-2020 : I killed my Web site!
    Well done, me – I totally killed my own Web site yesterday. I feel stupid but I’m documenting the fix because it might save someone else an hour entering all the wrong search terms into Google and worrying they’ll never sort out the problem. So, what did I do wrong?  Well …
  • 31-Aug-2020 : Web site refresh
    After becoming more and more dissatisfied with the appearance of my Web site and the frequency with which I was updating it, I decided a couple of days ago to give it a complete revamp. I don’t think many people are accessing it – or even know it exists – unless they happen across it ...
  • 26-Aug-2020 : Neve – a new theme for the site
    After putting up with my very clunky installation of Atahualpa, I decided to have a bit of a revamp of the site. Initially I thought I’d have a go at tweaking Atahualpa’s settings but the Customize option completely refused to take me to the customisation pages. I asked the Google… yes, other people have experienced ...
  • 22-Jan-2013 : Protected content
    This little PHP snippet allows you to selectively display content to users who are, or who are not, logged in.
  • 21-Jan-2013 : Get rid of the WordPress ‘Howdy’ greeting
    I know there’s a plugin which will get rid of that irritating ‘Howdy’ greeting but here’s a simple snippet of PHP which will do the same thing.