Bikers Nites 2017

Bikers Nites

Bikers Nites are held at a different location each Wednesday evening between April and September in and around the Cotswolds, from approximately 7pm onwards – earlier when the weather’s nice! All bikers are welcome on all machines from mopeds to motorbikes including scooters, choppers and trikes.

Please check the group’s Web site for information and directions to the venues.

Please consider supporting the pubs which have hosted a Bikers Nite if you’re looking for somewhere to go for a drink or a meal.

This is not a club and there is no membership fee to pay, but you’re encouraged to make a donation when you attend towards the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. Donations for the Midlands Air Ambulance in 2017 were £xx,xxx.xx. Since Bikers Nites first started back in 2002, the total amount raised for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is £xx,000.

Bikers Nites Venues 2017

I’m sorry, I don’t have lists of the Bikers Nites venues for 2015-2019. If you have a copy of any of these, please email them to me so I can update this page.

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