08-Apr-2012 : Severn Bore Run

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There are just two sets of ‘three-star’ Severn Bores in daylight hours between April and November this year: the second weekend in March and Easter weekend, Sunday April 8th (10.25am) and Monday April 9th (11.06am). I was out of town for the March ones but I organised a ride-out to watch the one on April the 8th. Afterwards we went to the Lower Lode Inn for a great Sunday lunch.

My thanks go to Ian Pullen for this superb video of the day and everyone who came along: Andrew, Ian, Abi, Scott, Peter, Rob, Jarrod and Allan. Have I forgotten anyone?

This is the route we took. Point B is where we parked the bikes to watch the bore (1m55s into the video). Point C is the ford (6m00s into the video).

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