24-Aug-2014 : Squirrel Pâté

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Back to Kim and Jeremy’s in Melinbyrhedyn with the Weihrauch HW100S. The weather was colder but fairly dry compared to my last visit seven weeks ago, however Mr Rat was once again too clever for me: I caught one glimpse of him in the chicken house but he didn’t hang around to admire the accuracy of the Weihrauch.

I did manage to discourage a few squirrels which were raiding the bird feeder and damaging the young trees on the common, all of them presenting the tops of their heads to me and dropping instantly to the extra weight of the 10.6 grain Crosman AccuPell.

We found a recipe for squirrel pâté on www.airgunforum.co.uk and adapted it slightly by adding an onion and some white wine and we ate it for lunch the following day. Quite a gamey taste but very nice.