23-Sep-2020 : Babel all’Italiana

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A fascinating look at the variety of languages which exist in Italy today – where they originally came from, and where and by whom they are spoken. Author: Patricia Corbett.

15-Jan-2008 : Osvaldo Lachin – “Aldo”

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I regret to announce the passing of my father’s elder brother Osvaldo (Aldo) Lachin “Scazzotta”, restaurateur and pater familias, born in Santa Lucia di Budoia on the 30th of July 1924.

My uncle had been in frail health for a while and passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Ledbury, Herefordshire …

13-Sep-2007 : Gwenda Schettini

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My Godmother Gwenda Schettini suffered a stroke on the 4th of September 2007 and passed away peacefully on the 13th. She leaves two sons and two daughters: Yolanda, Philip, Stephen and Maria.