04-Nov-2012 : ICARE course

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The Gloucester RoADAR have been offered some free First Aid for Motorcyclists courses. Details are below.

We already have some attendees: should you wish to join us, please email bikes@glos-roadar.org.uk


On Saturday the 29th September 2012 we will be running an ICARE First Aid for Motorcyclists course at our new home Skillzone and have 10 places available at no cost to those who attend.

That’s the carrot so what’s the stick?

To back up our successful rural Think Bike signage campaigns we are looking for volunteers to go out on the County’s roads and engage with other riders delivering a very simple message by informing them that the road they are using or about to use has a history of motorcycle casualties and the way they usually occur, i.e. single vehicle usually on bends or multi vehicle usually at junctions. Delivering such a message directly and at the source should be very effective.

• Locations: McDonalds in Cirencester which sees a good number of riders is an ideal location as it sits at the bottom of two of our casualty routes but that’s just an example. You can use your local knowledge of other locations.

• Timing: this would be predominantly Easter through to September but only on days when we know motorcycle traffic increases (sunny Sundays, events within or outside the County – BSB, WSB, etc).

• Commitment: we are not asking anyone to sign their own time over to us – the engaging could be simply as part of your own ride, stopping off for an hour to chat to others. All I would require would be a bit of feedback, numbers spoken to etc. Keeping this low key ensures it is flexible so that if that Bank Holiday is a wash out you would simply make the decision as to whether or not you go out.

• Who can volunteer: providing you are confident in engaging with riders in a public place then anyone who is a riding and/or pillion member of one of the Counties advanced motorcycle groups.

The above idea isn’t set in stone and can be moulded around what works and what doesn’t and any ideas from those involved.

If anyone would like to be part of the above and in return take part in the ICARE course then please contact me http://www.roadsafety-gloucestershire.org.uk