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My branch of the LACCHIN/LACHIN family originates from Santa Lucia di Budoia in the Friuli region of north-east Italy, and we’re known as (“detto”) SCAZZOTTA. *:) My father Francesco (“Frank” or “Checchi”) and his two brothers Aldo and Angelo moved to the UK after the war and founded a family including, five children, ten grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren – so far! The brothers’ parents were Lorenzo LACCHIN and Agata QUAIA.

For more information about the family name going back to the 14th Century, take a look at my cousin Luigi’s Web site: http://www.lacchin.it/.

Aldo, Frank and Angelo at a family wedding (August 1985)

My mother’s parents were Natale SIGNORA and Domenica DEL ZOTTO. Their descendants still live in Budoia at the crocevia with Via Julia and in nearby Fontanafredda.

My Godfather, Bepi Zambon “Crot”, owns a bar in Venice on the Strada Nova near Cà D’Oro and my cousin owns the Ristorante Sempione near the Piazza San Marco. My father’s uncle Cesare GASTALDON used to run the Ristorante Bella Venezia. He and his wife Teresina LACCHIN – Lorenzo’s sister – and they had two daughters, Malli and Franca.

Other names in my family are PIZZINATO on my father’s side and CARLON, ANGELIN, CAPOVILLA and SCARINGI on my mother’s side. I believe we also have some VARNIER, SERAFIN, CELANT, GOTARDO, PILOT, BRAVIN and DELLA FIORENTINA on my father’s side, but unfortunately I lost contact with my friendly Italian researcher several years ago and my investigations came to an end.

If you share any of my family names or think you may be related to me, please get in touch. My Italian is reasonable but I suspect your English is probably better! To contact me, please fill out this contact form or email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.