Online Games

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Multiplayer games

Travian – a Web-based game featuring a world with thousands of other real players, each ruling his or her own little village and trying to grow it into a large, powerful city state.

Strategy games

Fantastic Contraption – build a ‘fantastic contraption’ to solve various tasks.

Lemmings – help the little critters find their way home.  (No sound on my system?!)

Assembler – move equipment to get your precious green crate in position.

Assembler 2 – more of the same.

Splitter – split the boxes and deliver the ball to the target.

Factory Balls – make the correct balls… starts easy but gets tricky fairly quickly!

Gravity Pods – hit your target allowing for the effects of gravity.

Splash Back – pop all the bubbles.

Red Remover – remove only the red blocks.

Cannon Challenge – a nice implementation of a classic game.

Sugar, Sugar – cute game where you have to fill all the cups with sugar.  If that doesn’t work, try here or here.

Sugar, Sugar 2 – thirty more levels. If that doesn’t work, try here.

Sugar, Sugar: Xmas – a festive version.  If that doesn’t work, try here or here.

Sugar, Sugar 3 – thirty more levels. If that link doesn’t work, try here or here.

Games collections

One More Level


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