14-Mar-2024 : Night vision

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Not really a blog post as such, but an update on the PARD range of Digital Night Vision units.

I originally bought a PARD NV700A unit for £399 in June 2020 – just before it went up to £449. PARD have now released a new model called the PARD NV700V at a list price of £334.95, although it’s currently being offered at a 16.7% discount at Night Vision Store, so just £279.00 (includes free postage & packing). The two units look identical as far as I can tell, and this new model has the same 1080p1024x768 OLED display and built-in UK/EU-compliant IR illuminator as its older sibling, although the product information states that the NV700V has an upgraded sensor and improved weatherproofing from its earlier sibling. Click the links to see the full specs of the two models and/or place an order. (I don’t receive anything in return.)

Can I afford to upgrade? Probably. Would my Financial Secretary notice the money going out of the bank account. No… but would she approve? Almost certainly not!