19-Dec-2003 : Tidenham

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The housing for my Canon Powershot A70 digital camera arrived about six weeks ago after about two months on the waiting list of Robert White Camera Specialists in Poole, Dorset. I’d had one abortive attempt to try it out at Brixham a couple of weeks ago but the visibility had been truly awful so I made time on a cold, foggy day amidst the pre-Christmas panic to go down to the National Diving Centre in Tidenham with Pete Fleming to find out whether my underwater photography skills were as bad as they used to be when I was using celluloid.

This photo shows you just how delighted Pete was to be there with me!

The thumbnail on the left opens up to a 1280×905 diagram of the NDC dive site which you might find useful if you’re planning a visit. As I do with many of my site diagrams, I’ve printed it out A5 landscape and laminated it, so I can consult it before or after a dive, and usually keep a copy in the pocket of my BCD just in case my compass ‘develops a fault’ underwater.

Unfortunately it seems that digital photography is no more forgiving than chemical photography: out of thirty shots, only a handful were even reasonable: click on the thumbnails below to see for yourself.

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Dive StatsMax DepthDurationMin Temp
Dive 31823.2m0:318.0°C
Dive 319201.m0:288.0°C