22-Sep-2020 : More rats!

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Two on the 18th, 16″ and 10″ long from nose to tail, picked out fairly easily after dusk with the aid of a red LED torch bought on Ebay for £8.50 and mounted on the scope of my Weihrauch HW100S. The victims didn’t seem to bat an eyelid when I shone the claimed 5000 lumens directly at them, and it was fairly easy to place the illuminated reticle of my Hawke Sport 3-9×50 AO IR scope directly where it needed to be.

A third one on the 21st, mooching brazenly around the house in broad daylight – this one fully 18″ long.

The H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets did their job as always, dropping the little furries on the spot without so much as a twitch.